Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Order Image Bookmarking

 Order Image Bookmarking

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SEO Social Bookmarking

Custom Bookmarking

Grab Attention!

Custom bookmarking is another social bookmarking service that is offered by SubmitinME. As everyone knows, search engines randomly search for websites using the keywords given in an automated way. However other than these search engine robots, humans search manually in the Internet through social bookmarking websites.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking is inevitable for publishers of news sites, blogs and other websites who would like to drive traffic to their websites through back links. People definitely prefer to search through bookmarking websites because; the links generated by the social networks are of much higher quality because the person is able to assess each site individually, much better than search engines.


When utilized properly, social bookmarking is a great tool to drive the traffic to your website. Unlike normal social bookmarking, which uses a single user account for all the submissions, custom bookmarking is done through submitinME using 75 different user accounts in 75 social media sites that are having high page ranks.

The specialty of custom social bookmarking is you can provide us with 75 different sets of Title / Description / Tag which will be utilized in the bookmarks. This makes every bookmark unique and different from other. The search engines will love it.

Moreover all the process will be completed within a span of one week to make it look more organic. To look more organic we provide 50% of the bookmarkings to your home page and 50% to 3-5 inner pages of your website. Or you can choose to have the social bookmarking spread for 5 URL’s which will result in 15 bookmarks per URL.

Features at a Glance:

* 100% manual bookmarking.
* Social Bookmarking is done using 75 different user accounts.
* Bookmarking done in top 75 social media sites with high page rank.
* Bookmarking is done within a span of one week.
* Bookmarkings are done on home page and inner pages as well.
* You can use separate tags and comments for every submission
* Costs less from your pocket, yields more in result

Custom Manual Bookmarking Service

Custom Manual Social Bookmarking using 75 different user accounts

Project Duration: Get your website bookmarked in 75 popular social media sites using 75 different user accounts in just 3 working days.

SIM benefits: Best buy social bookmarking with 75 different titles & desc, Bookmarked under 75 different users on 75 popular social media sites to make each bookmarking unique.
Service Code: CBS75
Rate : $39
Outsourcing Rate : $34